Hand drawn hipster graphics

26-11-2014 / Featured, Graphics & Backgrounds

Do you want to create a hipster design? Enjoy these hand drawn hipster graphics!

The term "hipster" was used for the first time since the 1940, when referring to a member of the African-American community. A decade later, hipster was white, but still fascinated by everything that means color.

According to Urban Dictionary, hipster is a subculture of people aged between 20 and 30 years who believe in independent thinking, anticonformism, creativity, art and indie music.

Hipsters are people who wear beard or mustache, hat, bow tie, glasses with thick lenses and glass frame, summer scarf, skinny pants, big shoulder bag, camera, leather jacket, are riding.

These specific hipster current graphics you will find in the freebie we bring to your attention today. You can use them in a flat hipster-esque design with retro colors.

The graphics are hand drawn by Mandee Thomas and released on her website.

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